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Here Are Five Key Advantages of Buying Property Through Channel Partners

  • By catalyze capital

    23 Oct 2023 / Home
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1.      RERA Approved Reliability: With the introduction of RERA, homebuyers now have the means to scrutinize the accreditation of real estate properties. As per the act, all developers and channel partners providing services must register under RERA. Buyers can place their trust in channel partners who are registered with RERA. Channel partners add value to marketing and sales, acting as advisors and sales professionals who take on greater responsibility and accountability due to their RERA registration. Developers and agents are obligated to disclose all project details, and the regulator maintains a record of all registered channel partners on their website.

2.      Discounts and Best Deals: A channel partner can save buyers a substantial amount of money by securing heavy discounts and the best deals in the market. Engaging the services of a reliable channel partner not only allows for effective negotiation on the buyer's behalf but also ensures awareness of potential pitfalls or hidden charges throughout the transaction, ultimately saving buyers money in the process.

3.      Best Properties as per Requirements and Budget: Channel partners have access to market information that surpasses that of individual buyers. As a result, they can assist in identifying the best properties based on buyers' specific requirements and budget. While attempting to purchase a home independently, buyers may struggle to find a suitable property within their budget or obtain the real market price. Each property's price varies based on location, amenities, and market conditions. Identifying the ideal home becomes a daunting task, necessitating extensive research and analysis of market trends in various areas. Channel partners serve as advisors, alleviating the stress of market research and guiding buyers appropriately.

4.      Assistance in Finding the Best Location: Properties within a city differ in price, and each project holds a distinct value based on its location. Channel partners aid buyers in identifying the ideal location that matches their requirements and budget. Buyers and investors must be knowledgeable about each area's potential future developments and its suitability for residential or commercial purposes. By relying on the expertise of channel partners, buyers can make informed decisions and discover the most suitable location for their needs.

5.      Comprehensive Real Estate Services: Approaching a builder directly may not provide buyers with all the necessary services and assistance required to own a property. However, a dedicated channel partner offers comprehensive end-to-end real estate services. These services encompass free site visits, pick-up and drop-off facilities, assistance with documentation, loan guidance, post-sale services, and more. Channel partners can also connect buyers with reliable service providers for additional needs, such as interior designing. This holistic approach saves buyers time and money by providing services tailored to their specific requirements.